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Q: How do I know I need DC power jack repair or replacement?
When you plug AC adapter, the laptop appears to be dead and there is no LED activity at all. Another symptom is power LED and battery charge LED start flickering when you wiggle the power cord or the AC adapter tip on the back of your laptop. Also the battery will not get charged. If the power jack is not broken, we can resolder it on both sides of  the motherboard, this will minimize movement when the adapter is plugged into it. For broken  power jacks, we will replace them with brand new OEM DC jacks.
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Q: What is laptop Overheating problem and how to solve it?
A: If your laptop works fine for 10-15 minutes and then suddenly shuts down caused an application was started more demanding, most likely it experiences an overheating problem. Laptop overheating issues can cause several symptoms such as sudden shutdown failures or randomly appearing screen of deaths. After cleaning the cooling fan/ heatsink and applying new thermal compound for the CPU, most common overheating problems can be solved. But, you have to disassemble whole machine to service the cooling system.
Q: What is Dim display? Is it possible to fix dim screen instead of changing the whole screen?
A: The symptom is the laptop display panel will flicker and then appear to switch off, but if you look closely you can still see a very faint image on the panel, this is because the backlight isn't lit. Backlight missing usually caused by two reasons: inverter board failure or/and fluorescent lamp worn out or broken. The inverter board provides regulated power to the fluorescent lamp which lights up the screen. We can repair or replace both inverter and lamp inside the screen to make the backlight come back.
Q: How to clean my LCD screen?
A: When cleaning your laptop screen, just remember to be gentle, clean it regularly and avoid touching it to keep it clean in the first place. Before cleaning the LCD screen, shut down the system, turn off the power and unplug the AC adapter. If the panel's surface gets dirty, wipe it with cotton or a soft cloth. If it is still dirty, try breathing on the screen to create a light condensate and wipe it again. For very dirty surfaces, we recommend LCD cleaner. Apply the cleaner to a cloth and then wipe the panel's surface, after that, you need to wipe again with a dry lint free cloth. Do not spray cleaner directly to the panel.
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Q: What should I do if I got liquid spilled on my laptop motherboard?
If you spilled any liquid (water, coffee, juice, tea, beer or wine) on your laptop accidentally, just remember-don't panic! Unplug your power adapter (charger) plug from the DC power jack and remove the battery from your laptop as soon as you can. The purpose is to cut any power source to your laptop. Otherwise, it will make more serious damage on your motherboard. However, sometimes even you got spill liquid on your laptop, the machine was still able to work. Don't pray god you will have the luck to get out of this, because the potential issues will happen in a couple of months. You'd better follow the above way to eliminate the damage and send your laptop to repair shop as soon as possible. We have special cleaning liquid to wash your motherboard and laptop frame and casing. After cleaning the motherboard, we will check the entire board to find out any damaged components or chipsets and replace them with new parts. Most of liquid spilled motherboards can be fixed if you do the right way after the accident happening.
Water spilled on MacBook 13" Unibody laptop motherboard
Cleaning MacBook 13" Unibody laptop entire motherboard
Replacing damaged components on MacBook 13" Unibody laptop motherboard
MacBook 13" Unibody laptop motherboard got fixed
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Q: How to tell the problem caused by LCD screen or onboard
      video chip/card if I have
video issue on my laptop?
Most common video issues on laptops are: colored lines on screen, weird characters on screen, black screen or white screen. The simple way is to connect an external monitor to your laptop via VGA port then power on the laptop. You will get image from the external monitor during or after windows loading (you need to switch on the external monitor by pressing certain function key after windows starting on some laptop models). If you have the same result on the monitor, most likely the onboard video chip (GPU) failed. You have to send motherboard to repair shop to do BGA rework or replacement for the video chip or video memory. If you get normal display on the external monitor, you need to replace the LCD screen if you have lines on it. For black screen, you might have bad or loose LCD video cable. For white screen, you will need a new LCD screen if the video cable is fine.
Toshiba Satellite video issue
Compaq EVO video issue
IBM ThinkPad T42 video issue
Sony VAIO video issue
Vertical lines on external monitor
Acer Aspire video issue
Acer Aspire video chip repaired
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Q: How to maintain my laptop battery and get better performance?
In general, laptop batteries can only be recharged hundreds of times, so each discharge can be seen as a step by step process of dying. How can we slow down the death process? First of all, when you get a new laptop or a new battery, you need to fully charge the battery at least once then repeat this every few months. This way is intended to reset the state of assessing the number of battery charging circuits, so that it will not be ordered to stop charging when the battery is not fully charged. Secondly, organize your schedule if you will use your battery today. You'd better fully charge the battery in advance, consume battery power till 10-20% power remaining then plug in the AC adapter to charge it. If you have no plan to use your battery, remove it from your laptop with 40% power remaining and keep it separately, room temperature condition is preferred. High temperature will cause batteries discharge automatically, the battery standby time will decrease in the long run. However, you cannot leave the battery out of the laptop for too long , you have to fully charge and discharge it in every one month. Otherwise, if the battery is completely drained, you will not be able to charge your battery anymore.
Finally, there are some tips and suggestions for extending the use of time of your laptop battery:

1.  Turn off unused equipments, such as wireless networking (if you use wired network),
2.  Minimize LCD screen brightness.
3.  Avoid using battery power to do unimportant things like listening to music and
      watching DVD movies.
4.  If you move your laptop from one room to another room to work, the best way is to set
     the laptop in standby mode. When the laptop is in standby mode, it will turn off display
     and hard drive, all open files and programs will be stored in memory. This can be quickly
     restored to original working condition when you wake up the laptop. Someone tested the
     battery could last up to 6 months or so when the laptop was under sleep mode.
Laptop batteries
Laptop battery charging circuit
Dell laptop battery charging system
Q: How do I know I have a LCD screen or LED screen on my laptop?
      Which one is better?
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In the current market, laptops are equipped with two different types backlighting LCD screens. Actually, they are same type screens which we call them LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) screens. The different between these two types is the type of light source. Traditional LCD screens are backlit by CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp). Popular LCD screens use LED (Light-Emitting Diode) as backlight. When you look for a new laptop, you will find out, usually, the laptops with LED backlight LCD screens will cost more than those laptops with regular LCD screens.
The LED backlight LCD screens have many advantages because they are lighter, thinner, consume less power, last longer, and have better color and picture. Another benefit from LED backlight screens is they are environment-friendly products because they do not contain mercury but CCFL does. When you open your laptop screen bezel, if there is no inverter board inside, only one LCD cable goes to the screen connecter (40-pin is common), the screen is LED-backlit LCD.

LCD screen with inverter board
LCD screen with CCFL backlight
LED screen for MacBook Air
LCD screen for LED backlight
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